Believing in Yourself

Making the decision to be successful and then being open to receiving success in your life is going to depend on one thing and one thing only: Your belief in yourself.

Belief in ourselves is absolutely critical for our success. We need to ‘know’ it’s possible for us to achieve abundance and prosperity before we can manifest it in our lives.

Here’s a perfect example of what is possible when you believe in yourself. As an infant, our youngest son, Jake, was very happy in the water. He loved his bath, and he absolutely loved being in our backyard swimming pool. With his swim vest securely fastened, he would jump in and swim fearlessly all over the pool. When he was three years old, he insisted that we take off his swim vest so he could swim without it. Fearing he wouldn’t be able to carry himself in the water without it, we were hesitant—but he was insistent. He wanted his vest off! “I can swim, Mommy and Daddy. I can swim.” Not wanting to squash his strong and positive belief, we let him try it, ensuring that we would be right there to help him. We stood in the shallow end about ten feet from the steps and held him, vest-less. Lowering him into the water and then letting go, we were actually a little scared. Then, right before our eyes, he swam effortlessly to the steps. The next day, he begged to jump off the diving board without his vest. We complied, ready to rescue him. He ran right off the diving board into the pool and literally doggie-paddled his way completely across the pool! It was truly incredible. He had such belief in himself and his ability to swim- that he did!screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-1-35-07-pm

One extremely important thing to be aware of if we want to change our self-limiting beliefs into powerful positive ones is to control our “stinkin’ thinkin’.” What are your inner voices saying to you? Are they telling you that you’re not good enough? Not smart enough? Not pretty or handsome enough? Unworthy? Pay attention to what your inner voice is saying. It will take some time and effort to change that voice, but the awareness is the first step in making that change.

Once you are aware of that inner dialogue, you can work on imagining what you would say to yourself if you were in love with you. What would you say if you thought of yourself as perfect just the way you are? Is it challenging to come up with those words? Perhaps. But keep in mind that a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking, so why not think more positive thoughts about yourself?

Within you lies true greatness, so just start to believe! Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there! Please leave a comment below and let us what your thoughts!!


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