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Drs. Ina & Glenn Nozek

Hi, We’re Drs. Glenn & Ina Nozek

We’re so grateful you’ve found us! We truly believe that everyone deserves to live a life of optimal health, abundant wealth and total freedom. Allow us to guide and support you on your journey.

 What They Say …

  • Drs. Ina & Glenn Nozek and the Physicians On A Mission program have been one of the driving forces in my life when it comes to creating a stress free, high profit practice. Their dedication and passion to help others is unstoppable. Their focus on personal development, mindset and whole body health has been instrumental in guiding me on my path with my weight loss and in building my dream practice!
    Dr. Phil Barone
    Dr. Phil Barone CHIROPRACTOR, Savannah, Georgia
  • "Being a member of 'Physicians On A Mission' has been one of the best investments I've ever made. I physically feel the best I've ever felt, I'm seeing more new patients AND getting better results. With Drs. Glenn & Ina's assistance I'm creating a 'global practice' and have an ongoing residual income stream that will continue to produce a 6+ figure income stream even if I retire! Since adding this to my life and the practice, it's become so much more fun and stress-free. I love being part of a dynamic group of health professionals and health-minded individuals that are truly making a difference in lives all over the world!"

    Dr. Jeffrey Eichenbaum
    Dr. Jeffrey Eichenbaum CHIROPRACTOR, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
  • "With healthcare and insurance issues getting worse I found myself stressed out and not enjoying my practice. Drs. Glenn & Ina and the 'Physicians On A Mission' group changed all that! I am now more excited than ever and seeing miraculous changes in my patient's health (and my own!). They understand the new paradigm emerging in the workplace and have all the pieces in place to set anyone up to win! As for myself, I now have an ever increasing residual income that is allowing me to create the life and practice I've always dreamed of. I give Drs. Glenn & Ina my highest recommendation! "


    Dr. Janine
    Dr. Janine CHIROPRACTOR, Naples, Florida
  • "I am Inspired by the "BEST" to be the best I can be so I can help others do the same. This journey continues to get better & better because of the support, guidance & love of this wonderful team & our amazing leaders, Drs. Glenn & Ina Nozek.”  


    Maria Sokalsky
    Maria Sokalsky TEACHER/ENTREPRENEUR, Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania
  • "I started working with Dr's Ina and Glenn Nozek in 2013.  I am blessed to have them not only as my mentors but also as my friends. They've encouraged me to become a leader.   I would not be able to be living a healthier and wealthier life as I am now without their guidance and belief!”


    Bianca Grande
    Bianca Grande PERSONAL TRAINER/ENTREPRENEUR, Belmar, New Jersey

Available Now!

In Trusting Your Inner Physician, Drs. Ina and Glenn Nozek will take you on an enlightening journey to re-claim your power so you can create an amazing life for yourself. Anyone searching for a better, more fulfilling life will find answers and practical knowledge in these pages, including an awareness that will lead to becoming hugely successful.

This book will help you discover the prescription for a happier, healthier, and more prosperous you that includes:

  • Deciding you deserve success
  • Making a promise to yourself to pursue what you truly want
  • Learning from those who have achieved the success you desire
  • Adopting simple lifestyle changes to experience optimal health and wellbeing
  • Creating an effective game plan to allow continued success

The rest of your life can be the absolute best of your life! Embrace it now and make it the life of your dreams. Let Drs. Ina and Glenn be your partners in leading the way!