How to Master Your Time

Let’s explore what a typical day looks like in everybody’s life. You get up, have breakfast, get ready, go to work, you’re busy while at work, then it is time to go home. That is hopefully the time when you can do anything you’d like to do. But you run around, again always busy, running errands, doing all of your daily chores, taking care of your family, etc.. You end up exhausted in front of your computer or watching TV. Eventually, you drag yourself to bed. And the next day, guess what? You do it all over again.

We can’t control everything in life, but we can control our schedule and where our time goes. For that, you must make the time to do so. With this, you’ll achieve success.

Do Your Best in a 24 Hour Time Frame

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All people have the same amount of time. A day has 24 hours. So, everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, yet it’s obvious that many people achieve more in a few months than most people do in years. In these 24 hours, we tend to overload ourselves with as many tasks as we can think of. And if you sit and start writing it down, you’ll realize there is so much to do, that it can be overwhelming. So, the right approach would be to, in given time, set up only some tasks that you can complete. Plan your daily tasks, but do it in a way that you’ll estimate how long each assignment will take. Being organized actually frees your mind, and you end being more creative and much more productive!

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If you think that you don’t have time to do anything, you will most probably find that you don’t. If you think that you are unable to take control of the reins and manage your time, that is what your experience will be. Your external world reflects your internal world, it reflects your thinking. If you are disorganized on the outside, you most likely feel disorganized on the inside, which is why you need to start with mastering your mindset. We cannot buy or create more time, but we can make more time by creating a time management mindset.

Stop telling yourself that you won’t get things finished on time, or you won’t be able to find time to do something. Those who manage their time successfully never set themselves up negatively.

Usually it is better to decompose enormous tasks so that you can accomplish them one at a time, step by step. What has been the key accomplishment is to recognize the little achievements, not just the big ones. Sometimes when you analyze small accomplishments, you discover that you’re halfway to your big goal.

Don’t Let Stress Take Over

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It is crucial not to stress over a lot of unimportant jobs, in order to be successful.
Also, it is a good practice to delegate chores that someone else can handle so that you can focus on the “big thing”. This saves your energy and productivity and helps you concentrate on more important things. It is proven that multitasking does more damage than good. It is the quality that overrules quantity.
Prioritizing tasks and organizing your time in this favor is two essential skills which you need to succeed.

Stop Saying That You Can’t

Now let’s talk about things that you don’t do. When you don’t do things and when you don’t follow through, it’s not because you don’t want to or because you are not planning to. It is because of the way you’re focusing on these things. You are thinking about too many things at once. Thinking about the process and not the outcome is the wrong way. You should be focusing on the latter. If you focus on all the activities that should be done, you’ll get overwhelmed and you’ll give up before you even start. Remember that what you expect, you get! Catch yourself from limiting phrases like this, and be more positive. You will feel more empowered and in control by affirming to yourself that it will work out well, and your actions will be directed accordingly.

How to Start

Stop blaming others for your results; you are responsible for how you spend your time and what you achieve with it—it’s that simple. It’s easy to blame others for not being able to accomplish what you needed to, but you have to take responsibility.

The change has to start within you. The way you plan your days and perform your tasks are directly related to your thinking, so if you are not seeing the results you want, change the way you think in that area.

A structure is really important.
You can get more things done and feel so much better if you have a plan. By having a plan for your day, you will get more things done, and you will feel better when doing them. Structure your day, focus on the outcome and you will succeed. In that way, you can move in the direction of your goals and dreams!

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