3 Steps to Make the Rest of 2017 Amazing

We’re almost halfway through 2017. Are you satisfied with the progress you have made so far toward accomplishing your business goals? By following these three simple steps, you can easily avoid the most common mistakes many business owners have made and transform your business into what you truly want it to be – and you could do all of this by the end of the year.
Here’s how to make 2017 your best year so far.


To find out where your business stands at this moment, look at your business metrics. Looking at your data can give you valuable insight into your company’s current position on the market. Identifying things you could have done differently will allow you make necessary changes and move forward.

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Metrics is really important, but unfortunately, many business owners dismiss it. According to business gurus and consultants, business owners who know their numbers are the ones who will become successful sooner or later. It is quite simple, successful people know the most important aspects of their business. The ones that don’t focus on these aspects are not yet aware that they’re paving their way to failure. When you don’t know where you’re leaking money, you won’t be able to patch the leak, meaning you could end up losing everything.
There are two different ways for tracking metrics, including the snapshot view and long-term trends.


The snapshot view is a concise overview of your metrics, which can allow you to keep track of your business endeavors on a weekly basis. If you wish to make any progress, you need to know what’s working and what is not. Creating a snapshot is the most effective way to have a detailed overview of these features and get a pulse of what’s going on in your business. You should also organize weekly meetings with your staff to talk about what’s happening and whether you need to make some changes to your business plans or continue with what you’re currently doing.


With the snapshot view, you can follow your business progress week by week, but in order to follow it over a longer period of time, you need to observe long-term trends.
Combining the snapshot view technique with long-term trends can help you gain a much clearer picture about your business from the first quarter of the year to the present quarter. Long-term trends can help you see the results of your business activities in the long run.

For instance, if you organized workshops and your numbers went through the roof or if you incorporated a new marketing strategy and your clients doubled, these are the activities you should continue doing.
Here is a simple exercise you can do right now. Pull out your core key metrics, such as new clients, visits, income, attendance rate, production, and accounts receivable. Take those numbers and track them in a spreadsheet. You should pay attention to trends over the past 12 months, focusing on the snapshot view of each month, and then use the information to make a graph. This will allow you to see what your progress looks like on a monthly and/or quarterly basis.

With this data, you will not only know where your business stands now, but you will be able to understand which activities you need to reduce or eliminate and which you should invest more time and energy into. In order to achieve your goals, you need to visualize where you want to be one year from now too.


Now you know what techniques to use for monitoring your progress. The question is: do you have clear goals in mind? Do you know exactly where you want to be at the end of the year? Are you satisfied with your progress so far? If not, do you have an idea what needs to be changed?

Answering these questions is crucial. You can’t possibly know what needs to be done if you don’t know what you actually want from your business. Experts agree that one of the most efficient ways to be one step closer to achieving your goals is to write them down. So, start a journal. Once you have written everything down, you need to visualize your thoughts and dreams. Visualization can help you recognize what resources you need to succeed. It can boost your motivation and enhance positive thinking as well.


physicians on a mission guide for 2017

Even if you have clear goals in mind, sometimes it can be difficult to see how to get there, what the best course of action is. You can make things much easier for yourself just by connecting with successful people from your industry. Who can give you better advice than someone who has already gone through the exact same challenges? Don’t let other people’s success stories intimidate you, use them as a source of inspiration. Instead of learning through trial and error, focus your efforts on finding a mentor, as mentorship is a great way to gain experience from others.

Finding a mentor has many benefits, no matter what business endeavor you’re involved in. Having the right mentor can significantly amplify your chances of success in any line of work.
Another thing to keep in mind is that, even if your field is a really competitive one, perceiving all your colleagues as your competitors can harm your business. It can make you feel isolated, like there’s no one you could ask for advice or guidance.

While it may seem impossible to you now, working with your colleagues can bring a number of benefits to you and your business. The best way to accelerate your business growth is to connect with other business owners – you could learn from others and others could learn from you; you could share experiences and offer each other valuable advice.


The winning combination for making 2017 your best business year ever is having clear goals, knowing your numbers, and connecting with successful people from your industry. Do you want to be a lonely business owner and spend a lot of time, money, and energy on trial runs and mistakes to achieve your goals one day or be part of a community of supportive business owners who really care about lifting up the industry as a whole and achieve your goals quicker? It’s no one else’s choice but yours, remember that!

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