Making the decision to be successful

What does it really mean to decide? To make a decision is to “draw that line in the sand.” When you decide, you’re making a choice. The decision you make is a conclusion or resolution you reach after consideration. What have you been considering? Do you truly want success in your life? Whether it’s success in your relationships, in your business, with your finances, or with your health, decide that you are absolutely worth it! It all starts with a decision.

For me, it took over forty years to draw the final line in the sand about my weight, my body image, and my food addictions. Although I had already conquered my weight issues by then, I still struggled with some binge eating to the point that I would overeat, even though I knew I would feel sick, sluggish, and depressed afterward, and that feeling would take me out of the game of life for at least a day or two, depending on how fast I was able to get myself back on track.

Then one day, I decided I was better than that. I decided I deserved to live in a healthy body and that every single day counted, so to give up a full day or even multiple days, feeling too sick or uncomfortable physically and/or mentally, because of my lack of self-control was doing a great disservice to myself. Since then, I have found balance. Occasionally, I might fall back into my old pattern and overeat at one meal, but it’s not multiple meals. I know I am worth feeling good about myself so I never let myself get out of control anymore. To achieve that difference took a decision—it took me drawing that line in the sand. Please know that if I can do it, you can, too. With anything you want to be successful at, it takes that solid decision.

So when will you decide? When is your time? How long will you stay in fear of your success and perhaps procrastinate about why others can be successful but not you? When will you feel worthy of success? We suggest that you make the decision. Decide right now in this moment that you are worth it. Decide right now that you are worthy of having amazing success in all areas of your life: success in your relationships, success in your career, success with your finances, and success with your health and your vitality. You are truly worthy of all of it.


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