Our Success Story – Drs. Glenn and Ina Nozek


Ever wonder how we got to be where we are today? It’s been a fun and focused journey that led us to a life of health and financial freedom we never could have dreamed of. This is our success story starting with where our lives together began.

Glenn and I started dating back in 1984. At that time I was attending undergraduate school with plans to attend chiropractic college once I finished my prerequisites. Coincidentally, Glenn was already attending chiropractic college at the school that I would soon be attending as well. Glenn was one year ahead of me and upon graduation, he stayed with me in Spartanburg, South Carolina, until I graduated in December of 1987. Less than 1 year later we were married, and as of this writing, we have been happily married for over 28 years and we have 3 awesome kids.

In 1989 we opened our first chiropractic office. Within a few years we opened a satellite office and then in 1995, we closed both of those offices to open the first multi-disciplinary holistic health center in the county.

Glenn and I practiced together for many years. Although we were both licensed chiropractors, for me, with my love and passion for nutrition, I received my Master’s degree in 1994 and practiced as a clinical nutritionist for over 20 years.

Throughout the many years of clinical practice, Glenn and I were continuously learning new and revolutionary ways to assist our patients on their journey to wellness. We never stopped attending workshops and classes. We also discovered early on in our relationship, how much we loved growing ourselves through personal development events, seminars and immersing ourselves in the world of self-growth.

The Company That Transformed Our Lives

In 2004, we serendipitously found a nutritional cleansing system that we tested out with our own 12 participant pilot test group after much due diligence. The results were astounding and we quickly became extremely excited about our sense of well being and the results that we saw across the board in our test group. The improved energy, mental clarity, fat loss and overall health and well being that we all felt was something that we hadn’t seen or experienced previously with any other nutritional program. We had found Isagenix, now a 15 year old international, billion dollar health and wellness company that we are proud and blessed to be a part of. A company with a mission to free people from physical and financial pain and in the process, become the largest health and wellness company in the world. This is a mission that we are excited to be a part of.

We continued to share these products with our practice and with colleagues. Within 9 months we had earned a significant additional income because of our sheer enthusiasm for this amazing cleansing system. At that point in time, Glenn was feeling the burnout from 16 years of practice. Although he loved working with people and assisting them on their health journey, the insurance hassles and stress of running our own brick and mortar business, employee issues and lack of time freedom, was wearing on us and our family. Although risky and scary, we made the decision to sell Glenn’s practice and build more of a ‘global practice’. By sharing these products with others we created time and financial freedom for ourselves and for a growing number who decided to join us in achieving their health, wellness and financial dreams and goals – they too are living a life with more fun, time and financial freedom.

Where We Are Today

We have been top leaders in our company as well as executive trainers and product experts. We have successfully built a team of over 60,000 people. Our passion is to share this gift with others who are looking to improve their health and/or create a life that they too love living.

Although we have certainly had our ups and downs, our challenges and failures, the tools that we have learned through years of personal development have helped us to achieve our success. We continue to strive to be the best versions of ourselves and to inspire others to believe in themselves, to breakthrough their fears and to dream big. It takes the right mindset and the committed and consistent action to make it happen. We are grateful for all of the lessons along the way and especially passionate about being able to share the knowledge and the tools with others. We have a huge gift to share and we are forever grateful for this opportunity and for our success!

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