The Power of Positivity During These Uncertain Times

We’re certainly not very political people; in fact, we rarely ever voice our political views or opinions and this won’t be the place that we share those views either.  However, in light of the election that shook our nation last week, the message that we want to get across to everyone is this.  No matter who you were in favor of winning the election and even if you were not in favor of either and felt like you had to choose ‘the lesser of the evils’, it’s important to be positive about the outcome and stay optimistic about our future.  Being negative and disgruntled will do nobody good and will just continue to perpetuate more negativity out there in the world.  Energy is contagious; whether it’s positive or negative it will spread.  Why not make it positive?  Why not be optimistic about our future?  What if our world starts to become a safer, happier and more peaceful world to live in?  By being positive and sharing positive thoughts with others and initiating positive conversations about what is possible for our current scene and for our future can do no harm.  It can only create more of the same.  Spread positive energy.  Speak positively about our future.  Flow power to the ‘powers that be’.  Show honor and respect to those who have been chosen to lead our nation.  

We have chosen to be optimistic about the future of our nation and our world. It is a conscious choice but honestly feels so much better, so much lighter.  Optimism is a choice.  You can choose it or you can choose to be pessimistic and create more of the same.  With a slight change in perspective, you can easily feel more at ease and spread the feeling of positivity to others.   Here’s to our great future!  Here’s to optimism!  Cheers to a positive and enlightened world to be!


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