Finding your “Why”…. And your “Why Not”!

We hear so much about finding our purpose, our passion and our ‘WHY’?  Simon Sinek, in his famous Ted Talk, and in his fabulous book, Start With Why, really drives home this point.  Our “Why” can drive us to do the things that we are resistant to doing, pull us to have the strength and the courage to move forward even when there’s much adversity and continual challenges.

Although we agree that finding your ‘why’ is important to drive you to achieve your dreams and goals, we also want to remind everyone that it’s equally important to understand your “Why Not”. Why not live an abundant life?  Why not have optimal health?  Why not live joyously and prosperously?  Why not you?  Why not now?

Each and every one of us are worthy of a wonderful life.  We are each deserving of greatness.  As long as we live life with integrity and live with the intention of creating a better world for all people then we certainly deserve happiness, health and overall success.  It’s not just for the chosen few.  It’s not only for those who have discovered their ‘why’.  It’s for each and every one of us.

So find your why and in the discovery of finding your why, your purpose and your passion, never forget about your Why Not!  Why not YOU?  Why not NOW?


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