How to Broaden Your Impact Without Increasing Your Work Hours

As health practitioners, we went to school for many years to earn multiple degrees in order to make an impact on people’s health and hopefully to put a dent in this health crisis. Like many of you who have your own practice, where you are working with patients or clients to lead them down a road of health improvement, what often goes along with the drive and passion to help people get well is the reality of ‘the grind’. Working with insurance companies, hiring and firing staff members, huge overhead expenses and being confined to the walls of your brick and mortar building, are some of the things that we ourselves got burned out from while we were still in practice. We were working more hours and getting paid less as the years went by and coupled with these other challenges of being in our own practice, we were frustrated that we weren’t able to reach more people and actually broaden our impact, by not needing to work 24/7 or open multiple locations.

We serendipitously came across a breakthrough nutritional technology and one-of-a-kind company that allowed us to leverage ourselves and share health and wellness to a global audience using the network marketing model of distribution. Like many of you, we were extremely negative and skeptical about network marketing. After all, we studied for years to attain our credentials yet lay people were doing the same thing we were in sharing health and wellness products. It didn’t make sense. Right? However, what we found as we did more of our own due diligence, was not only was this a 100% legitimate income stream, but as health professionals, we could add tremendous value and credibility, not to mention a proven business strategy to a growing team of excited health professionals, customers and product sharers!

Now, 13 years later, we work less, get paid more and have a much greater impact on world health and the health crisis that is ruining society. It is our job as health practitioners to pave the way. It is our responsibility to assist people on their journey to achieve wellbeing. This new business paradigm has provided a model that can truly broaden our impact and create a world of global practices simply by leveraging ourselves with others who are also on a similar mission. The ability to create time and financial freedom for ourselves and others through this model and in particular this company and products, has been the greatest blessing. Sharing this ‘gift’ with others, especially health practitioners and health minded entrepreneurs, has literally become our mission! Let’s lock arms and get the people in this world healthier, happier and more prosperous!


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